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Princess Louisa Inlet

Western Maritime Surveyors

Western Maritime Surveyors
Primary Location
6911 Graybar Road
Richmond, BC V6W 1H3
Fax: 604.662.8350
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Downtown location
595 Burrard Street
Bentall Centre Stn. Unit 48181
Vancouver, BC V7X 1A8
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About Us

Paul Dupré has owned and operated Western Maritime Surveyors since 1988. Starting in 1971, Paul built and repaired all types of marine craft, in fiberglass, composites, wood and metal. His vast experience in building, re-fitting and repairing boats has given Paul the necessary grounding to accurately assess damage and repair any vessel. He brings this unique and diverse knowledge to the craft of surveying. Paul is acknowledged as one of the senior surveyors on the West Coast. Paul has over 25 years of off shore sailing and has extensive experience delivering marine vessels to various destinations throughout the world. An invited speaker to local yacht clubs and power sailing organizations, Paul’s expertise and knowledge are a much sought after commodity.